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Go to their blog to sign up for email newsletters. These contain daily tips and inspirations. Subscribers occasionally receive special percentage-off savings codes, too.

Search for Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are not typically found on the PersonaLabs website. However, you can frequently find them on the site''s blog and social media pages. Most codes are for percentage-off savings in specific categories. Keep in mind that Just Get Tested is the same business under another name. Codes for that site may also work at PersonaLabs.

Typical Sales

The website may occasionally feature sales or special deals on select categories or tests. For example, you may find hepatitis tests offered for 10% off. Sometimes, but not often, sales are sitewide.

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Check out PersonaLabs on Facebook and Twitter. These sites offer several tips on health awareness and nutrition. Promo codes are offered here from time to time, too.

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Best Time to Shop Here

The best time to shop at PersonaLabs.com would depend on your particular needs. The site offers periodic seasonal sales, such as 10% off all heart disease tests in support of American Heart Month. If you do not have health insurance that covers your lab tests, using PersonaLabs is a great option for savings on any tests you may need.

The Fine Print

PersonaLabs does not perform tests in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Most codes offered will work on any test, despite being listed as category-specific.