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Way back in 1890, Civil War veteran and miner, Thomas J. Foster opened a small school to educate miners. Over the years, the little mining school transformed into a quality educational facility, today called Penn Foster Schools. In its history, the school has educated some 13 million students. Today’s students earn high school degrees, college degrees or graduate from the career school program. With the career school, you can choose from diploma programs like auto repair or dressmaking and design. Or you can select a certificate tract like gourmet cooking, public relations or sports nutrition. And, with Penn Foster, you never have to worry about being stumped for answers. Students enjoy 24-7 online access to faculty and student peer groups. Browsing testimonials you will see how alumni turned diplomas and certificates into jobs they enjoy. So whether you want to complete your degree or embark on a whole new career, Penn Foster can help make your dreams come true.