1. Check diligently for deals
Daily deals offer deeper discounts. With 365 days in the year, there's bound to be a great deal on something waiting for virtually anyone sooner or later with the special Deal of the Day. Not everyone needs a remote digital volume preamplifier kit with LCD display, but someone does.

2. Get more deals on clearance, Clarence
The Parts Express online clearance bin makes a good deal a whole lot better when the company does factory buyouts and gets rid of old stock to make room for newer, better, and much higher priced items that, ultimately, aren't much better, if any at all, than the clearance stock.

3. Bonus deals and product bundles
People like free stuff, and they'll get free stuff with Parts Express Bonus Deals. For every bonus deal bought, a free bonus item is included. It's like Christmas, only nothing is wrapped and you still have to buy something.