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Few things on this planet make people as happy as pizza. There is just something about the delicious and mouth-watering taste of pizza that is sure to please all types of crowds. Because of the nature of pizza, there are plenty of places to find a quality pizza in America, but few come as close to perfection as Papa John's. John Schnatter, founder of Papa John's, was working in the pizza industry since he was a teenager. He used his skills to begin making pizza out of a broom closet after he graduated college, and this venture soon transformed into a storefront and Papa John's was born. Nowadays, Papa John's is spread from coast to coast, with more than 4,600 locations around the world. Even in a competitive field like the world of pizza, Papa John's has consistently led the polls in terms of overall customer satisfaction. With storefronts located all over America, as well as 33 other countries, Papa John's has consistently been an impressive force in the pizza industry. There are always deals as hot as their pizzas offered up by Papa John's to help customers save some money while indulging in their favorite food.