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Natures Shea Butter is a great website for all natural products made of Shea butter. You will find the soothing Shea butters from various parts of the African continent on this website.

Natures Shea Butter is a unique website in that the company prides itself on compensating the producers of the African Shea butter fairly and import the products themselves. They are proud to be members of the "Socially Responsible" community. Founded in 1998 with a brick and mortar office in Sicklerville, NJ, you will find that Natures Shea Butter does not test its products on animals. At Natures Shea Butter, you can search for products by location (i.e. area of origin in African) or product type. There are soaps, lotions and creams that are made with Shea butter and can be purchased from the website. There are also lip and face creams made of Shea butter that are very soothing a moisturizing to the skin.