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Rosemary Fisher 57 months ago (9/05/2013)

I trird to apply this to my order but it won't aggept it. If a coupon has expired-remove it, because it makes a person irritated and disgusted with your fundraising tactics.

Anonymous 63 months ago (3/07/2013)


Anonymous 74 months ago (4/24/2012)

Expired Feb 2011

Anonymous 77 months ago (1/21/2012)

VALID 1/30/12 - 2/5/12

Anonymous 80 months ago (10/25/2011)

expired 2/26/11

Anonymous 80 months ago (10/03/2011)

only valid for
sale dates between 1/30/11 - 2/26/11

Anonymous 83 months ago (7/06/2011)

Exp 2/2011

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Anonymous 67 months ago (11/03/2012)

Your promotion code is only valid for orders placed between 1/8/2012 - 1/14/2012.

Anonymous 74 months ago (4/24/2012)

Expired Jan 2012

Anonymous 77 months ago (1/27/2012)

This code expired on 1/14/12. I just tried to use it.

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Everybody buys groceries. So, why not your fresh produce, meats, seafood, side dishes and desserts from a company that helps provide funding for local schools. Market Day has helped schools and organizations in fifteen states raise over $450 million since they first started working with communities back in 1975. Schools can hold regular food cooperatives which allow parents to place a monthly order for their groceries, which would then be delivered directly to the school. Schools also have the option of hosting a single event fundraiser. Choose from a few different variety packages, giftwrap, chocolate, cookie dough, popcorn, hand decorated cookies, magazines and more.