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Water plus design equals sustainable hydration. That pretty much sums up Kor Water’s philosophy. Kor Water takes the best concepts of industrial design and combines them with the the ideals of the green economy to bring you water bottles that you can safely reuse. That you want to reuse because they’re so beautiful. Reusable bottles just make sense -- after all, water bottles account for four out of five of the bottle waste in landfills. To combat this, people reuse plastic bottles like soda bottles or sports drink bottles or even old plastic water bottles. These reused water bottles carry dangerous germs. And some of them contain plastics that break down when used more than once and possibly wreak havoc in your body in the process. But Kor Water makes its bottles from Eastman Tritan™ and food-grade stainless steel; they’re safe to use and reuse. You could say that Kor Water is the company that has taken water advocacy to heart. After all, you can make a difference without giving up everything you love. Kor Water bottles, bringing together design and sustainable hydration, beautifully.