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As Australia’s largest online merchant, Kogan.com.au has been offering smarter shopping to its customers for the past nine years. Founded in 2006, the site’s CEO, Rusian Kogan, began by selling LED TVs from his parents’ garage. Today, the company has grown to include over 3,000,000 products for sale in over 15 countries, and still remains true to its business model of bypassing the middleman to pass savings along to its customers. Kogan.com.au is best known for its extensive and affordable selection of electronic items, including computers and tablets, TVs, phones, cameras, audio and video equipment. The site also carries home appliances, from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators, and heating and air conditioning systems. Find home and garden bargains for every room of your house, including bedding and bath accessories, kitchenware, lighting, furniture, décor, pet supplies and garden care. Get deals on baby clothing, furnishings and equipment, toys and games.