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Kims Gifts offers wedding ceremony accessories and party favors at discount prices. At Kims Gift Baskets, you will find everything you need for planning a wedding, a bridal shower party or a corporate event.

From house warming gifts to bridal accessories and 25th wedding anniversary favors, Kims Gifts provides beautifully designed items for today's modern weddings and events. The store caters to babies too, offering baby shower favors and christening gifts. Customers can buy personalized votive candles, glass jars and coffee favors that can be customized by adding the event information.

In addition to the large selection of wedding accessories, Kims Gifts provides lots of articles and tips on how to choose wedding decorations, include the kids in your wedding reception, and create your own baby shower favors. The line of products includes themed accessories for beach weddings and Las Vegas weddings. You can buy beautiful arrangements of fresh roses, holiday gift baskets filled with old fashioned holiday candies, and crystal writing instruments that make excellent gifts.