1. Sign Up For Hot Topic's Newsletter
Upon signing up for the Hot Topic newsletter shoppers will receive a cool 10% off their first order. On top of that, Hot Topic will continue sending the latest and greatest deals, as well as information on the hottest new merch.

2. Become an HT+1 Member
HT+1 members earn points which can be redeemed for 15% off any purchase, they also get $5 off a purchase of $30 or more on their birthday. Seriously, they get all that, Hot Topic is more generous than a rich grandma. HT+1 members also get exclusive information on sales and sweepstakes.

3. Spend Money
It's true what they say: It takes money to make money. For every $30 spent $15 is earned in Hot Cash. Hot Cash can be redeemed on Hot Topic orders over $30, so it's almost as good as the lukewarm cash people carry around in their wallets.