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Home Bistro is committed to delivering the finest natural cuisine directly to your front door. Its kitchen is run by a Certified Executive Chef® - a designation earned by less than ¼ of 1% of American chefs. Whether you simply want incredible cuisine or to start a diet, Home Bistro has meals for you. You can order pre-made meals or raw meats and fish that you can cook yourself. Find complete entrees like steak with Chmichuri Sauce, smashed baby red potatoes and collard greens. Or order items like braised pork belly and creamy polenta, ala carte. And, of course desserts, like chocolate truffle cake. For those looking to slim down or just get healthy, check out the Special Diets section. You can search foods and meals by diet type. Senior diet, low sodium, low carb, or simply a good health diet. Enjoy items like 7-grain Belgian Waffle with an organic fruit compote for breakfast. And, grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce for lunch or dinner. If you’ve been dreaming of a personal chef, your wish has come true. Just visit Home Bistro, to peruse the menu and place your order.