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A great vacation is easily ruined if the accommodations aren't so great. Sure, the tourist attraction or whatnot might be fantastic, but a lumpy bed, a dingy bathroom, or giant spider will taint the memory. Although in all fairness, the giant spider might happen even in better-kept hotels. They're basically evil ninjas. In any case, a gorgeous or cozy place of stay can, contrariwise, make the whole vacation that much better. Especially if it has a pool. And with HomeAway, the goal is for any traveler to have access to any property across the world. In fact, from the same website, a property owner can list their property as a place of stay to be searched, often providing little home rentals, truly creating a home away from home. The styles of properties range from cute little log cabins to baroque, castle-like interiors, to elegant and modern beach fronts, so finding just the right property is a snap.