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No one wants their backyards littered with pesky critters, but sometimes it's hard to achieve that goal while still being kind to the animals and your yard. Rather than putting down poisons that kill your grass and are harmful to both you and other animals, shop with Havahart. Havahart has been helping customers control animals for 70 years. Starting their business with an animal trap, Havahart has now grown to include repellents, animal traps of all sizes and dog fences. Havahart is hopeful that you'll have a heart and use their products, which are safe and reliable. Animal repellents designed by Havahart seek to annoy pesky animals' sense of smell, touch, and taste without causing them harm. Havahart designs animal control products to help rid your property of small rodents, such as squirrels and rabbits, to larger animals such as deer. Their wireless dog fences also allow your own pets to roam freely and safely. With Havahart you know you can protect your property, your pets and yourself without causing unnecessary harm to nature.