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San Francisco has seen a lot of changes since 1861; the people of the city have taken on great challenges and moved forward. Meanwhile, the Gump brothers grew an exceptional business there by combining the best of the old and the new, intertwined with the challenges and growth of this iconic western city. That history and tradition continues to this day, with a far more global reach. The showroom's giant Buddha signifies the change and progress of both the city and Gump's by symbolizing rebirth. Following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the Gump family looked to Asia and found inspiration while stocking the newly rebuilt store with fine silks, jade, porcelain and exotic rugs from the Far East. Today, Gump's showcases beautiful clothing, freshwater pearls, exquisite cut crystal and home decor in their catalog and online offerings. Shoppers the world over now have direct access to what San Franciscans have known and loved for 150 years. There is just one Gump's -- exceptional quality jewelry, home decor, apparel and accessories.