1. Planning early pays off

Travelers can save up to 50% off when tickets are purchased at least seven days prior to travel.

2. Discounts for Kids

When traveling as a family, Greyhound offers 25% off each ticket for up to two children, when traveling with an adult. Cannot be used with prior ticket purchase.

3. Student Discounts

Convenient for students traveling between home and school, Greyhound offer a Student Advantage Card. This provides a discount of 20% on each standard fare ticket purchased.

4. Get the Card

A Veterans Advantage Discount Card is available with a discount of 20% off each Greyhound ticket purchased for a Veteran traveler.

5. Get Rewards

First-time Greyhound travelers can sign up for the free Road Rewards program. A 10% discount is provided on the first ticket purchase and future rewards can be accumulated as well.