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Got a bunch of useless old furniture, appliances or renovation debris? Hire the world's largest junk removal service: Got Junk. The full-service company was started by a college student looking for a summertime gig to help pay for his tuition. During a McDonald's drive-thru run, he spotted a truck sporting a junk-removal slogan, and he jumped on the idea, and today, his summer job has turned into a household name with 200 franchise locations across three countries. Here's how it works: simply book a no-obligation on-site appointment, and allow the Got Junk team to inspect your unwanted items and quote you an all-inclusive price. Then sit back while they remove it and tidy up the area. They'll scoop up just about anything: appliances, bicycles, carpets, computer parts, construction debris, mattresses, garbage, tires, scrap metal, electronics and so much more. Rest assured that your junk doesn't add to the landfills'everything is donated, recycled or properly disposed-of, saving the globe over 1.5 billion pounds of junk from landfills since the company began. After all, your junk could be someone else's treasure.