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When it was created in 1999, Go Natural All-in-One Cosmetic® put an end to all those bottles that littered your bathroom counter. You know the ones. The foundation for summer after you've tanned. The other foundation for your night makeup. And then there's your "regular" foundation. You get the idea. All these products gone. Replaced by just one container filled with Go Natural All-in-One Cosmetic®. But aside from the convenience and extra counter space that you get from Go Natural All-in-One Cosmetic®, you also save money. This handy makeup actually replaces eight products. When you have Go Natural All-in-One Cosmetic® on your counter, you can throw out your extra foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer, eyeshadow, your contour and highlighting makeups, and your eyebrow color. The virtue of this cosmetic is in its intuitive design. It adjusts to all skin tones. Naturally. No need to guess. No need for extras. Just one product that's right all the time.