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Here's how it works. People buy the latest, greatest smartphone or tablet. It slices. It dices. It speaks 50 languages and does the laundry, too. Then, three days later, it's obsolete. There's a new model that does the laundry AND sings show tunes at the same time. The old phone is so yesterday. Here's where Glyde comes in. Shoppers can sell old electronics, from smartphones and video game consoles, to iPods and games, making enough moolah to offset the cost of the next big thing. Glyde will even send them the package to do it — all they have to do it drop it in and mail it off. And, with all these people selling on Glyde, it's always a great place to save ridiculous amounts of money on nearly-new tech. Shoppers can browse items, check out their condition and have them shipped with the click of a button.