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When you’re looking to buy healthy lighting equipment, look no further than the experts at Full Spectrum Solutions. Full Spectrum Solutions specializes in offering products that simulate natural daylight both for personal and commercial use. Offering many innovative products, Full Spectrum Solutions offers the only dimmable light box, as well as light therapy lamps, and dawn simulators. Full Spectrum Lighting also offers a range of lamps including desk lamps, floor lamps, and decorative lamps. If grow lights are what you need, you can find them at Full Spectrum Lighting as well. A wide range of commercial lighting is available at Full Spectrum Lighting, including Full Spectrum HD High Bay Lighting, which not only provide a more natural light, but also save energy. Full Spectrum Solutions’ founding couple experienced the negative effects of a lack of natural light when they moved to the Northern United States in the winter. They sought to create full spectrum lighting that was durable and high quality, and have done just that with their impressive product line. For all of your lighting needs, whether at home or at work, check out Full Spectrum Solutions.