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Figi’s is a family tradition in my household. Every holiday season, I look forward to receiving a box from my dad. What goodies will it hold this year? Chocolates, gummy bears, an assortment of sausages and cheeses - sometimes even a ham or turkey breast. Mmm. It’s like a treasure box of deliciousness delivered right to my doorstep. There is so much to choose from at Figi’s. With nuts, dried fruits, popcorn, snack mixes, baked goods, candy, cheeses, spreads and meats, it can be difficult to make up your mind, so a themed gift basket with an assortment of treats is always a great option. They even have sugar-free, low- and no-sodium items available. Figi’s has a sweet selection of collectibles, clothing, jewelry and home accent gift items, too, if you happen to be shopping for someone without a sweet tooth - does such a person exist?