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When you have the urge to climb every mountain, turn to EverestGear.com to make sure you have the best gear and supplies to make your trek successful. Founded as an internet company offering outdoor supplies for climbing, hiking, cycling, camping, traveling, snow and water sports, the company has expanded to include a retail location in the historic town of Granville, Ohio. Climbers preparing to tackle Mount Everest have been known to fly in from around the world to outfit themselves here for their arduous journey. EverestGear.com carries only the top outdoor industry brands, including Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Millet, LaSportiva and more. Dedicated to offering only the best equipment and apparel available, the site sells only new products; they do not carry used items or rental equipment. They are also committed to preserving the beauty of our natural world, so they do recycle boxes and send email-only receipts.