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ESET manufactures and sells its own line of anti-virus and security software. And this stuff is good! Since May 1998, its software has never missed an In the Wild virus (i.e. a virus spreading amongst the general public), and it is the only company to be able to make that claim. The company's founders are pioneers in the antivirus industry. Back in 1987, they discovered one of the world's first computer virus, dubbed it 'Vienna' and wrote a program to detect it. So, of course, they could destroy it! Today their NOD32 Anti-Virus and Smart Security software protects millions of users from nasty malware, spyware, worms, bots and phishing. Their products also provide a firewall to keep your information safe and secure. And, you can use them to set parental controls. Keep your information safe and secure from predators on all of your devices -- desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone. ESET doesn't just sell software to keep you safe; it sells peace of mind.