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Beautiful hair doesn't come easy, nor does it usually come cheap. Salon services can often cost a small fortune, and keeping up with the coloring is difficult if you're not exactly a millionaire. The creators of eSalon wanted to give their customers hair color that was high-quality, individualized and so afforadable that their customers would't need a small loan to pay for it. What's fun about eSalon is that the colorists truly do individualize a formula for your hair, making it feel like you're working one-on-one with your own personal stylist -- that's better than any salon treatment! eSalon requires customers to answer survey questions, matching pictures with their own personal hair color and hair preferences. Then, colorists use these answers to create a custom designed formula specific to your hair. Though you don't have the stylist do the hair for you, eSalon has carefully constructed a set of instructions for easy DIY home hair coloring. So throw on some spa music and get going, because you just made your home equivalent to an upscale salon without all the unnecessary costs!