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If strength training and power lifting is your passion, turn to EliteFTS for the equipment, apparel, supplements and training tips you need to build your body into maximum performance shape. EliteFTS was founded in 1998 by Dave Tate, as an educational forum for bodybuilders. Having spent many years studying strength and conditioning manuals and attending seminars, Dave realized the need for a site that offered athletes and coaches professional training advice. Today, the site’s E-Vault features a wealth of informational articles on nutrition, training, coaching and more. EliteFTS expanded over the years to include sales of strength, power lifting and cardio equipment, bars and weights, racks, benches, power plates, accessories, apparel, supplements, books, DVDs and more. Find coaching and training logs here from top industry professionals, as well as podcasts, an exercise index and reviews of featured gyms. EliteFTS also offers Learn to Train seminars which benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.