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We all know that college dorm rooms are small, but DormSmart can help, with products designed to make your limited space as stylish, comfortable and functional as possible. DormSmart features the best online selection of reasonably priced dorm room décor and supplies, with one-stop shopping for everything you need to get the most out of your campus life. Shop here for storage and laundry solutions, twin XL bedding, safe, low-wattage appliances, cooking supplies, bags and backpacks, shower supplies, electronics and so much more. Take advantage of the site’s checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything you need, and their free Campus Delivery shipping, which delivers everything right to your dorm, saving packing time and space. Avoid crowded stores and long lines by shopping for all your dorm room needs at DormSmart. And don’t forget the gaming chairs and TV/DVD combos, because every student deserves some downtime, too.