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Okay, so wearing a brace doesn't exactly elicit a whole lot of joy, but everything has a bright side if you look closely enough. Case in point: DonJoy Braces, a brand familiar to any athlete who has ever experienced the delights of a sprain, strain or otherwise compromised body part. Once mere knee brace specialists, DonJoy is now a pioneer of all things protective. The company's products also include shoulder supports, swelling reductions, rehabilitation accessories and bracing for the wrist, hand, elbow, back, ankle, spine and more. Truly a one-stop shop for pain management, DonJoy Braces also carries a range of products that promote comfort during recovery -- think stabilizers and cold wraps, for starters. While there's nothing fun about an injury, it's good -- joyous, you might say -- to know you've got a place to turn if it happens.