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Dockers, the khaki child of the blue jean by Levi Strauss & Co., embodies the spirit of khaki. This clothing brand is always authentic, always made from the highest-quality materials, always the right pants for the job. Dockers khaki pants bring the comfortable fit of your favorite jeans and combines it with the classic elegance of khakis. Dockers khakis come in a variety of sizes from standard to big and tall for just the right fit. But Dockers khakis don't exist in a vacuum. A sharp-looking shirt along with a handsome pair of shoes complete the look of an outfit, and fortunately, Dockers makes these items. Like the jeans and the khakis, these clothing staples feature the quality materials and refined cuts that you associate with the Levi Strauss brand. But they're more than just body covering. They, too, embody the khaki spirit. When you wear Dockers clothing, you're letting the world know that empathy, originality, courage, and integrity make up who you are. It's the same spirit that allowed Levi Strauss and Dockers to change the marketplace, the workplace, the world.