1. Earn Delivery Points That Can Be Redeemed for Rewards

You'll earn 25 points for every $1 spent, which can be redeemed for rewards like Delivery.com credits, gift cards, electronics, and more. Or, you can choose to turn your points into charitable donations at one of several organizations.

2. Share Delivery.com to Earn a $7 Credit

Tell a friend about Delivery.com and you'll earn $7 if they purchase through your referral link - and so will your friend.

3. Follow Delivery.com on Facebook and Twitter to Save Even More

Every so often, Delivery.com lets their followers in on a few secrets: like 1,000 extra Delivery Points on "Thirstdays" (a.k.a. Thursdays) with any wine, beer or liquor purchase. Be sure to check their social media sites for offers like one-day-only point bonuses and exclusive coupon codes that aren't advertised on their site.