1. Ride the Rails in Email

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2. Conquer Cologne for Less With BahnCards

DB Bahn Autozug has the right plan for every travel need. BahnCard discount cards range from 25% off fares to a free ride all over Germany with their 25, 50 and 100 level cards. Register the cards for the Bahn bonus program to rack up the points for great gifts, plus get free in city travel at destination cities.

3. Credit Carries Great Rewards

Extend any BahnCard into a credit card to earn extra points right out of the station and on purchases all over Europe.

4. Family Travel Earns Freebies

Kids under six travel free with parents or grandparents on DB Bahn and up to four children between six and 14 travel free as well. See the sights for less with the whole family.