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It started as a simple gift for the woman who became his wife, that cable bracelet that made jewelry designer David Yurman famous. His inspiration was born of the beauty and tradition of the masters of old. It was and is a classic, timeless piece that people still wear today. In fact, some version of that twisted helix design accounts for nearly 50% of all the jewelry that the David Yurman company sells, but that only scratches the surface of diamond, so to speak. Each piece of jewelry sold by the David Yurman is also a work of art, fashioned by the hands of a true artist and artisan. For just as the sculptor releases the statue hidden in the marble, this artist releases the beauty and brilliance of each diamond, each necklace, each cable bracelet that lies within the finest metals and gemstones. And each piece he creates is as original as snowflakes floating in the night sky. Dazzling. Timeless. Beautiful.