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Customers who visit David Austin Roses' website can practically smell the sweet and delicious scent emanating from the flowers in the photographs. Perhaps this is because David Austin set out on a mission over 50 years ago to create a perfect rose. Today, he seeks to share his love and passion for these beauties with the world. His company offers over 800 varieties of English Roses that are beloved by devout horticulturalists and hobby-gardeners alike. Here, flower-lovers will find roses to compliment any landscaping endeavor. Visitors can purchase root roses, climbing roses and tree roses. They can choose roses that are perfect for hedges or that smell particularly fragrant. The company even offers a thornless variety. For those new to rose planting and care, the site contains information about which roses are best for specific climate zones, directions for planting and care and guidelines for choosing which roses are ideal for growing in pots, for landscaping, for cutting and placing in vases and more. David Austin also offers rose-themed gifts for those who love roses but possess a permanent brown-thumb. While the David Austin parent company is based in England, where David Austin lives and gardens, the US division is housed in Tyler, Texas – a city known as the rose capital of America. And rest assured, all roses sold in the US have been grown here too.