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Necessary household items can feel like a necessary evil. Because, somewhere -- in between work and play -- the house needs attention, too. There's toilet paper to be purchased and milk to be consumed. There's tape to be dispensed and makeup to be applied. There's always something needing to be purchased and something needing to be replenished. Going to the grocery store or Big Box Store can be time-consuming. When there's an alternative to the parking lot and too-many-people hassle, everybody wins. This is exactly why the convenience of CVS Pharmacy locations beats the other options. Shoppers may stop in to fill a prescription, but they'll find a whole world of things they didn't even know they needed as soon as they enter the store. Big stores often require a competition for parking, but CVS stores offer consumers convenient spots without the fuss. Inside, there is a world of offerings, from food to fixtures and everything in between. These shops are set up so that they're convenient stops on the way home from work or convenient for a last-minute item after busy folks have settled in for the evening. Great deals and special occasion items abound. CVS Pharmacies make life just a little easier.