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Snow, sleet and ice … brrr! If these are the main ingredients of winter where you live, you need plenty of “survival”gear to make it through the frigid season. At CozyWinters, you will find the best products to make blustery winter weather more comfortable. As someone whose mortal enemy is cold, I can’t imagine anything more genius than battery-powered clothing. Shop CozyWinters for everything from battery-powered warming gloves to footwear and heated motorcycle gear to make riding through harsh conditions more tolerable. When you want to spend a freezing day snuggled under the covers, shop here for down and wool bedding, electric blankets and heated mattress pads. They even carry heated and self-warming pet beds to keep your four-legged friends warm and cozy, too. When you do have to venture outdoors, use snow melting mats to keep your walkways clear, and gripping snow and ice cleats for navigating slippery terrain safely.