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A soft felt bowler hat to protect hair from the rain. A handsome top hat to go with coat and tails. A classy flat cap to wear on a weekend hunt. Unusual items, all of them, for a former grocer to manufacture. But John Cheetham, founder of, did indeed create some of the finest hats that 19th Century Britain had ever seen. And however unusual its beginnings, the company has always attracted top artisans and clothing professionals, allowing it to become the luxury clothier company it is today. Big-name brands like Lacoste, Barbour, Calvin Klein, Birkenstock and Aigle are right at home here. has become the go-to destination for just the right Ted Baker handbag, the sleekest ladies' Aigle coat, the sturdiest pair of Hunter boots. But something would be amiss if were just clothing; after all, it was quality service that put the company on the path it’s on today. That’s why you’ll find resources like the "Journal" page, where style tips and top fashion news keep you abreast of major fashion and cultural trends. This resource, plus excellent service, provides a modern backdrop for the classic styles you’ll find at Now that’s something to tip your hat to.