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When you are suffering from constant or reoccurring pain, it can be almost impossible to go on about and enjoy your daily routine and activities. There are so many methods for pain relief, and just when you think you’ve heard them all, there's a place online that just may be the answer to your pain elimination. Core Products International, Inc. is an online marketplace that sells products to help reduce and/or eliminate pain from a variety of areas on the body. Some of the areas that Core Products International, Inc. sells pain merchandise for include: neck, back, ankle, knee, elbow and wrist. While there is a wide selection of merchandise available, some of the more notable products are: pillows, hot/cold packs, braces, massagers, backrests and belts. For an up-close look at Core Products International, Inc. merchandise, customers can request a company catalog. Additionally, there is free ground shipping on all orders $50 and over, as well as frequent sales and discount codes.