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When you're hitting the beach on a hot summer day, sometimes it's hard to make a decision on what swimsuit you should wear. Usually the big deciding factor is which bathing suit will provide you with the least awkward tan lines. Thankfully, Cooltan has made it so that awkward tan lines are a thing of the past because their swim suits allow you to tan right through them. Cooltans swim products allow you to achieve a tan relatively similar to what you would achieve using only 6 SPF suntan lotion. They have created a revolutionary swimwear product that has small pores, allowing sunlight to filter through and tan your body while you're still covered up. We know you don't want that farmer's tan either while you're out golfing or working around the yard. Cooltan has you covered there, too, because beyond just swimwear, Cooltan sells tan through shirts. So no matter what you're plans are this summer, don't worry about walking around pale because Cooltan helps you tan without having to take it all off.