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CollegeBookRenter (CBR) makes it easy for millions of college students to rent, buy and sell textbooks. To rent, all you have to do is enter the titles, authors or ISBNs of the textbooks you need, browse the new and used listings, rent them for as long as you need'at a budget-friendly price'and then return them when your classes are complete (you even get a free shipping label). If it turns out you'd like to keep the textbook, you always have the opportunity to purchase it. Either way, CBR can save you up to 85% on your college textbooks'think of all the extra pizza you can order during those late-night study sessions! If you're new to CBR and have a stack of textbooks taking up space in your dorm, consider selling them through the site. You can choose to be paid via check, PayPal or CBR credit, and all you have to do is print a free shipping label and send them out at your earliest convenience. Flexible purchase options, cost-effective textbooks and an easy-to-use interface make CBR an ideal place to carry out all of your textbook business.