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A teen's never-ending love of jewelry doesn't have to cost a fortune. Parents can still help their teens achieve an affordable and stylish look by shopping at Claire's. Claire's has been a household name since the 1980's when mothers and daughters would venture there in order to celebrate a daughter's coming of age with freshly pierced ears and a new piece of bling. In addition to, Claire's retail locations can be found in 46 countries, with 2,610 "company-operated" stores, 130 concession stores, and 442 franchise stores, making it easy to carry on the tradition. Claire's affordable prices and vast selection of trendy-yet-stylish inventory selection makes it possible for any budget to have a fresh, up-to-date wardrobe of accessories to compliment any outfit. Claire's original vision of creating stores that offer a "treasure hunt" experience is still alive and kicking with their wide assortment of jewelry, makeup, hair and body accessories, care products and more at amazingly affordable prices.