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Having a baby is an incredibly special and unforgettable time in a person's life, one that should be celebrated as much as possible with a host of special occasions and memories. One of the more important occasions in the life of a parent is when they have their baby christened. is all about the special time and they stock an abundance of merchandise to make your baby's christening unforgettable. is an online destination that stocks a variety of christening merchandise, including: gowns, dresses, jumpsuits, jewelry, booties, headbands, bonnets, bibs, blankets and stuffed animals. As any parent knows, children clothing can be expensive, especially special occasion wear, but there are impressive ways to save money at this retailer. Shipping discounts are available, as well as sales on select merchandise and occasional coupons. Staying in the loop and saving additional money is easy -- all you have to do is sign up for the email newsletter.