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The Chicago Steak Company originated in 1864 in its namesake city, which has always been at the center of the meat trade. At one point, the city’s meat packing magnates delivered over 80% of the nation’s beef. Today, the Chicago Steak Company continues in the city’s beef tradition, but has taken it up a notch. Well, about 100 notches. The company delivers the rarest, most delicious cuts of beef around. The beef it delivers makes up only 2% of the market. It is so sought after that it almost never makes it to your local grocery. These are the steaks you find in 5-star restaurants, but now you can order them online. Find all the cuts: Filet mignon, ribeye, strip, sirloin, t-bone and porterhouse. The secret is in the beef – only USDA Prime, as well as the aging and trimming. All steaks undergo a slow aging (dry or wet) process. Then, professional butchers hand-carve and trim your steak for maximum flavor. But it doesn’t stop there. While Chicago Steak promises the most flavorful steak on the market, it can only ship it to you. It can’t grill it too! That’s why the retailer has created Steak University: The ultimate guide to help you make your steak delicious. And, because you can’t eat steak every night, check out the company’s other products like chicken and pork. Plus, a full fish market with things like swordfish, lobster tails and shrimp. Make your next meal great. Make it Chicago Steak!