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Don’t you hate losing all those business cards you’ve collected? You know, the cards with the names of all the important business connections you’ve tried to get for years. Gone. All of them. But it doesn’t have to be this way -- Card Cubby puts an end to this frustration. This stylish little pouch holds up to 40 plastic cards or 80 business cards. And the purse-like construction features a strap for easy carrying and a cute little snap in front that stops the cards from spilling out of the Card Cubby. But it’s more than just a purse. It functions like a miniature accordion file, making it handy for more than just business and credit cards. Keep your gift, discount, and customer-loyalty cards in the cubby as well. Imagine how easy life would be if you had your most important cards all in one place, where you could find them. It’s worth thinking about. After all, $750 million gift cards will go unused in a year. Card Cubby helps you keep more of that cash where it should be. With you.