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About takes the guesswork out of buying a fireplace hearth or grill. Since 2008, this company has specialized in these products and these products alone. Doing this not only guarantees a big selection -- think electric fireplaces, wood stoves, gas logs, and the like -- but it also means better service. After all, when you're replacing your old fireplace or investing in fireplace accessories, you'd rather talk to an expert, to someone who spends their life thinking about the safety, the beauty, and the advantages of having a fireplace. But more than just being totally focused on fireplaces and grills, the industry professionals working at scout the marketplace. What that means for you, aside from a great product, is reasonable prices. Discounts on fireplaces on range from $100.00 off the normal retail price to $400.00 or more. Because does all the homework for you, you know you get the best deals and the best selection. No guessing. Just beautiful fireplaces and grills all in one place.