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It's the dream of readers everywhere: to have millions and millions and millions of books at their disposal and enough time to read them. Well, Books-A-Million or BAM! can promise you that you’ll find millions of books on its website and in its stores across the U.S. As one of the largest bookstore chains in America, BAM! carries every kind of book you can imagine and then some. Books by big names like Stephen King, Harper Lee, and Pulitzer prize-winning author, Anthony Doerr. But you'll also find the latest from the indie publishing world at Books-A-Million. These books, created through its self-publishing imprint, BAM! Publishing, mean that you'll never miss a new literary voice ever again. But aside from selling the best books on the market today, you can shop BAM! for items like Doctor Who gear, kids' character lunchboxes, movies and music, and for magazines. And searching for books has never been easier, either. The Books-A-Million website allows you to search by what's trending, by what's popular, by the classics, and by what’s on the bestsellers' list. It's the reader's dream, really. Indeed, BAM! carries millions and millions of books just for ardent readers like you. And while the company can't promise that you'll find time to read them all, it can promise you that this is a very good problem for a reader to have!