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The Japanese art of bonsai combines a knowledge of horticulture with the aesthetics of art and the contemplative practices of Buddhist monks. If you’ve claimed bonsai as your artform of choice, you’ll appreciate what Bonsai Boy offers you. Started by fervent bonsai growers, this company carries everything you need to keep the tradition of growing and shaping trees in a container alive. Certainly, Bonsai Boy has more traditional bonsai planters, infused with the simple elegance of Japanese art. Same goes for carrying miniature Asian trees like the Japanese black pine. But the traditionally-minded bonsai master isn’t the only artist who finds a home with Bonsai Boy. Whimsical pots, shaped like clawfoot bathtubs and snowmen and even some little lavender trees, wait for you more avant garde bonsai artists. And for those of you new to this ancient Japanese art, you’ll love the books and videos about bonsai as well as the beginner starter kits. From the newest bonsai artist to the wise master, Bonsai Boy is the place to go to get your art on.