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For several decades, Blockbuster was the most ubiquitous movie store in the country, with more than 9,000 stores and almost 60,000 employees at its peak. It was so omnipresent that it became a part of the popular vernacular — the name "Blockbuster" came to mean any video store. Of course, times change and so does technology. As VHS tapes and DVDs went the way of the dinosaurs, so did Blockbusters brick and mortar stores. It's brand, however, reemerged as Blockbuster on Demand, offering a massive selection of movies from every genre, delivered in gorgeous 1080p quality and 5.1 Surround Sound. Subscribers can rent movies with the click of a button and have them delivered instantly to their TVs, computers, tablets and even phones. It's a perfect setup. Except for those people who are nostalgic about the old days of wandering the aisles, rewinding tapes and incurring late fees.