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Big Fitness makes getting fit easy and economical. For nearly a quarter of a century, BF has sold quality fitness equipment to serious fitness buffs. Home fitness aficionados appreciate the selection of items geared toward the home gym like medicine balls and workout mats as well as yoga and Pilates equipment. And for the professional gym, Big Fitness offers a wide variety of great deals on commercial equipment. Gym owners nab excellent deals on pieces like leg presses, ellipticals, and treadmills. BF sells both pre-owned and new fitness equipment items. And to offer fitness-lovers even more options, Big Fitness encourages gym owners to check out its rental program. Equipment rentals are available by the week or the month. BF even throws in free maintenance and repairs on its rentals. Big Fitness specializes in rental programs for corporate fitness centers, hotels, physical therapy facilities, and home gyms. Rent-to-own options are available as well. Getting fit has never been so easy.