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BeWild is a purveyor of fun, funny and glowing things. It’s a dream house of electric gear for clubbers, ravers and anyone who likes to make people laugh. A full line of rave clothing, toys, jewelry and makeup from funky brands like UFO, Deez and Happy Bunny. Loads of glow-in-the-dark clubbing, raving or “just making a scene on a Saturday night” gear. Sound equalizer t-shirts that light up with music beats and a pair of light-up sneakers can really steal the show. But it’s not all about the rave at this retailer. Slip on one of their funny t-shirts or hoodies, and you’re sure to make someone smile -- without even open your mouth. Or, turn heads with a real-looking tattoo tee, a nude, long-sleeve tee with tattoo markings that will surely shock your friends into thinking you covered yourself with ink. You can even BeWild when you stay at home with juiced-up décor like colorful blowup furniture, disco lighting and tapestries. Has your clothing and décor become a bore? Visit BeWild. It’s sure to make you smile.