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With Beltronics radar and laser detectors, you have the benefit of the best detection technology no matter where your ride takes you. Beltronics carries both state-of-the-art equipment as well as detector accessories to keep your ride completely covered. When you know just how much Beltronics does drivers, you'll never want to be without the advantage of the Vector or Magnum detectors on your windshield again. You'll never miss a bandwidth or an alert. And many of the Beltronics products come automatically loaded with features like safety camera locations, advanced digital analysis of all incoming signals and a fully functioning windshield mount. But Beltronics does more than just make radar and laser detectors and accessories -- it keeps you ahead of the laws and regulations that could affect your drive. The website offers informational tools like up-to-date articles and information about the legality of detectors around the U.S. Beltronics also keeps informational articles about radar and laser detection, so you can always make an informed decision when you buy one of Beltronics’ detectors. In short, Beltronics technology ensures that you spend more time enjoying your ride and less time worrying about speeding tickets.