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When you trek through the back country, you have time to enjoy all the things you miss in your workaday life. You have time to linger over a bird's nest high above your head. You have time to experiment with that tasty Dutch oven recipe. You have time to push yourself to the limit on the side of that rock you're climbing. What you don't have time for is worrying about your gear. And if you get yours at Backcountry Gear, you won't have to. Let's face it: as an adventurer, you're already busy. What you don't want is to hunt down a dozen websites to find all the gear you need for your next big trek. You want it in one place. That place is Backcountry Gear. Patagonia, Thermarest, La Sportiva, Marmot -- BG stocks all the best brands, so you know you’ll get quality. And BG stocks by sport so you know that shopping the site is easy. Whether you're an avid snowshoer, an ardent kayaker, or an aggressive rock climber, you can get all your gear on at Backcountry Gear. You definitely have time for that!