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Tina 65 months ago (11/19/2012)

What deal??? Guaranteed, I think not!!!! Did not receive a discount of any kind!

danielle 66 months ago (10/23/2012)

yea...this is not a valid coupon

jackie 67 months ago (10/17/2012)

The coupon said that it will appear at check out and I never got it, it never appeared. I had to pay full price. This coupon didn't even give me a code to enter. Total lie!!

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The Baby Beau and Belle Collection was founded by fashion designer Roberta Salton in 1984. Her goal? To create a line of baby clothes that were nearly as beautiful as the little ones who would wear them. Salton's fashions are inspired by the lovely watercolors her grandmother, Belle, used to paint, and by images from eras past of elegant women in long, flowing gowns. Each piece from Baby Beau and Belle feels like it has been christened with feelings of nostalgia and timeless beauty. Each jumper, each dress, each accessory is created using 100% cotton fabrics and knits and 100% silk. And each little outfit is fittingly adorned with French ribbons, Venice laces, hand-made rosettes of silk and satin, and delicate beading. Sweet buttons of pearl, satin, or shell complete the outfits. Shop Baby Beau and Belle for occasions like christenings, first birthdays, family weddings, or for baby's first Christmas. Every piece that comes from the Baby Beau and Belle has been handcrafted, made only from the finest materials and childhood innocence and are as lovely as the wee ones who'll wear them.